Persian cuisine is inventive, rich and very delicious. Because of different climates, cultures and lifestyles in different regions in Iran, the foods vary from city to city, and in each city you will experience foods with different tastes, shapes, spices and ingredients. Rice is usually the inseparable part of Iranian cuisine and is always served with another supplementary dish. Meat, chicken, fish, all kinds of vegetables, nuts, diced nuts, saffron and other ingredients are abundantly found in Persian cuisine.

Iranian rice, grown in northern cities of Iran, has pleasant taste and smell and Iranians cook it in different styles and shapes, called Polow or Chelow. Polow is usually cooked rice mixed with other ingredients and Chelow is cooked rice, served separately with other dishes. Despite the various local dishes in different regions, some supplementary dishes you will find Qormesabzi, Fesenjan and Qeymeh wherever you wish.

Preparing Iranian foods is a common art among Iranian women, handed down from generation to generation. Many of Iranian local foods are not served in restaurants and you should be lucky to be guest in an Iranian house to experience the Iranian foods.