Iran Adventure and Cultural Tour

Iran is a four season country and throughout this Iran tour,  you will find different climates in different parts of Iran at the same time. Explore the desert city of Yazin the center of Iran, the snow covered mountains of the northern zones of Iran, the moderate weather of Tehran, enjoy swimming and water sports in Kish and explore many incredible tourist attractions in different provinces in a memorable period of 15 days.

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Skiing, Swimming, Diving, Water Entertainment, Desert, Camel riding, National museum, Golestan palace, Carpet museum, Jewellery museum, Fin garden, Tabatabaei house, Siosepol and Khaju bridges, Naqshe Jahan square, Ali Qapu palace, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Chehel sotun palace, Amir Chakhmaq square, Yazd Jameh mosque, Eskandar prison, Yazd fire temple (Atashkadeh), Persepolise, Pasargad, Necropolise, Eram Garden, Vakil bazaar, Nasirolmolk mosque, Hafiz and Sadi tombs

Iran Adventure and Cultural Tour

برنامه روزانه سفر

  • 1

    Tehran, Dizin

    Arrive inTehran and transfer to the Hotel in Dizin via Fasham road to rest for a few hours. Overnight in Tehran, Dizin.

  • 2

    Tehran, Dizin

    Free day in Dizin Ski Resort. Overnight in Tehran, Dizin.

  • 3


    Free day in Dizin Ski Resort. Drive to Tehran in the afternoon and stay overnight in the city. Overnight in Tehran.

  • 4


    Fly to Kish island in the morning. An excursion of the island to visit different spots of the island. Overnight in Kish.

  • 5


    Free day in Kish for swiming, diving and other sports Overnight in Kish.

  • 6


    Fly to Shiraz in the morning and a full day excursion of Shiraz to see Vakil complex, Pink Mosque, Sa’dieh and Quran Gate. Overnight in Shiraz.

  • 7


    Explore Persepolis and Necropolis, the remains of the ancient Empire of Achaemenids. Overnight in Shiraz.

  • 8


    Morning drive to Yazd and visit Pasargad, the tomb of the Syrus the Great, on the way. arrive in Yazd and visit Zoroastian Fire Temple and Amir Chakhmaq in the afternoon. Overnight in Yazd.

  • 9


    Full day city tour in Yazd visiting the one of a kind Windmills, Tower of Silence, Eskandar Prison, Atashkadeh, Jameh Mosque, Amir Chakhmaq and the architecture of the old city of Yazd. Overnight in c.

  • 10

    Farahzad Desert

    Drive to Mesr Desert and enjoy the sands, sunset and optional desert activities. Overnight in Farahzad .

  • 11


    Half day free time in the Desert, Camel riding and other activities. Drive to Isfahan after having lunch and arrive there in the evening.Walk along Zayanderoud and visit Siosepol and Khaju historical bridges. Overnight in Isfahan.

  • 12


    Visit Naqsh-e Jahan square, a UNESCO World Heritage site and it’s four surrounding sites, Ali Qapu, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Imam Mosque and Chehel Sotun. We will also walk through Isfahan’s Grand Bazaar to see the Iranian Art and handicrafts. We will have some time in the afternoon to see the city. Overnight in Isfahan.

  • 13


    Drive to Kashan and visit Fin garden, Aqa Bozorg mosque and Tabatabaeiha traditional house. drive to Tehran in the evening. Overnight in Tehran.

  • 14

    Tehran, Airport

    Visit Golestan Palace, National Museum, and The jewelry museum (we will visit the carpet museum in case the Jewelry museum is closed for any reason). Transfer to the airport in the evening to fly back home.

  • 15



لوازم مورد نیاز

  • Passport
  • personal healthcare
  • Appropriate clothes
  • Walking shoes
  • Cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses

مدارک مورد نیاز

    Iran is completely safe for the tourists. You will feel it from the first moments of your trip.

    Follow the dress code since the plane lands in the airport.

    Hotels keep the passports while the people stay.

    It is easier to use a Transportation Card to get on the buses and subways. These cards are available in all subway stations.

    Iranians are the most hospitable people in the world. It may seem strange to you for the first couple of days, but you will love it throughout your trip.

    Tap water in houses, hotels and shops are safe to drink, but pay attention to the signs above tap waters in parks. Bottled water is available in all grocery stores and supermarkets.

    Persian cuisine is varied and delicious, and you indeed will love it. Try to test the local foods of different cities.

    Take off your shoes when walking on carpets in homes, mosques, etc.

    Carry toilet tissues with you in case you will use public toilets.

    Most public toilets and home toilets are squat toilets.

    You will have access to high speed internet in hotels and 4g internet with you if you buy an Iranian sim card.

اطلاعات سفر

قوانین و مقررات تور

The cost is calculated based on the tour date, accommodation quality and the number of guests in a group. Please contact us with your modifications for accurate pricing.  

Required documents for Iran visa:
1. A clear scan of your passport
2. A new 3x4 Photo
3. Completed visa information form


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